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Mister 39150-A139 Aldaz White Gold Anaconda Print Leather Men's Casual Sneakers

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Number: 39150
Brand:  Mister Hand Made In Spain
Material: Leather 
Color: White / Gold
Sole:  White Rubber Sole
Style: Casual Sneaker
Features: Side Gold Zipper

Our new collection of sneakers is pure Mister essence, dazzling with an unpredictable and contemporary style.  this new Mister sneakers collection floods the senses with a careful but powerful expression, full of symbols, details and textures.

We have wanted to bring together exclusivity and trend with tested comfort in each of your step

Without leaving a single detail to chance, every centimeter is unique and cared, featuring with customized metallic ornaments and with a supreme quality manufacturing. Representing the energy and strength of some of the most feared and respected species of our planet through motifs and textures. All this with the development of some very unique finishings, make our sneakers dazzle with a unique personality.

From our Mister design team, we have always wanted to “develop a product that not only provokes the senses of the consumer, but also meets the style and comfort demanded by today’s luxury goods.