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Fiesso by Aurelio Garcia

FI-7551 White Suede White Rhinesttones Sandal Fiesso by Aurelio Garcia

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Fiesso by Aurelio Garcia FI7551 White Suede White Rhinesttones Sandal Fiesso by Aurelio Garcia shoes designed by Aurelio Garcia are highly comfortable and hand crafted from top quality leather with high fashion in mind. Features the highest style and trendy looks on men's fashion.  

Number: FI-7551
Brand:  Fiesso by Aurelio Garcia
Material: Suede/Rhinestones 
Color: White
Sole:  Red
Style: Sandal
Features: Rhinestones

European Shoe Designs Bring Men's Leather Shoes. Fiesso Shoes Designed by Aurelio Garcia Shoes & Encore Shoes, our Men's Dress Shoes are the perfect Prom Shoes, Party Shoes and Wedding Shoe for men with Style.